Kwôri is a London-based consultancy group specialising in the implications and applications of blockchains, smart contracts and distributed ledgers. Our experience, background and knowledge make us a perfect partner for any organisation considering an entry into the worlds of distributed ledgers, smart contracts or trustless systems.

We have just released our 2016 analytic report on blockchains and distributed ledgers. The report covers where the market is, where it's going and how you can capitalise on it. Read the executive summary and table of content or download the full report.

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We assist our clients' plans for implementing existing applications of distributed ledgers and for developing their own systems. Currently, we are working with companies to develop business use-cases  and are seeking to more clients in this area.

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For those clients who are committed to using these technologies in their businesses we can support the roll out of that program and give assistance in the three most important areas; security, cost-effectiveness and compliance.

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Kwôri has a growing library of research material that supplements our ability to assist clients and also acts as a stand-alone resource - critical in the fast-paced environment. We are currently working on a multi-client study of the sector.

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Distributed ledgers and the associated technology offer a unique chance to craft a tech-positive image that appeals to an affluent demographic: Kwôri can help you maximise this opportunity and avoid alienating that customer base.  

With this technology and the concurrent innovation as a truly international phenomenon our partners are able to travel globally and can partner with those looking to enter untouched markets.

We are a driven group of individuals from academic and commercial environments with backgrounds in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Philosophy and with over ten years experience of running successful technology consultancies between us.

One current project is multi-client survey and we would encourage those in the industry to contact us and explain what questions they are seeking answers to. 

For those interested in crypto-currencies and the regulatory environment we have collected together a set of existing research.

Kwôri grew from Vukutu Consulting and we are proud to maintain a strong connection with them. 

The BBC's newsnight talks blockchain. 

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Kwôri Ltd. ("Quarry") was founded in 2014 by William Nash and Peter McBurney- born of a shared passion for the intersection between behaviour and technological innovation distributed ledgers were always our focus. This technology is at the leading edge of that crossover as they offer trusted and low-risk interactions without requiring independent third parties to verify and record transactions. With decentralized ledgers there is a means to achieve distributed consensus and non-repudiability for records of value exchanges and of commitments.

Our goal is to develop software for distributed ledger applications in Financial Services, Logistics, Professional Services, and Government. In a world where signed paper documents are still passed around, digital records may sometimes be altered, and where, within large companies, commitments between divisions often need extensive negotiation and recording, there are extensive potential applications of distributed ledger technologies.Our background in management consulting, marketing, mathematics, computer science and the humanities provide us with the unique expertise needed for this complex, multi-disciplinary domain.



William Nash is the CEO of Kwori - his background in Physics and Computer Science as well as his experience at a global professional services firm give him the necessary skills to develop this technology and understand its implications. William has been involved with projects to understand how Agile software development can be applied to Information Security,  He was part of a project to help a multinational bank identify rogue traders using Big Data analytics, and has worked in the Houses of Parliament as an MP's aide.



Peter McBurney has a first degree in pure mathematics, and a PhD in computer science. He co-founded Redwing Consulting, a global telecommunications management consultancy that advised the world's leading mobile and satellite network operators on new venture implementation and marketing.  After growing and selling the company, he pursued a research career in computer science and AI, focusing on technologies for automated agreement in multi-agent systems.